Google goes offline

April 1, 2008

Do you ever get that chill down the back of your neck when you realise something major is happening? Must be a fight/flight response deeply rooted in the lizard brain. Or just the aircon, I’m not sure which.

Google has just announced it will begin allowing users to edit documents without needing to be connected to the internet. Next time you’re online your system will automatically connect and update.

That sound you can hear is the sound of Microsoft dropping out of the IT market so fast all its products just turned red (or is it blue, I can never remember).

Soon you’ll need only one application on your PC – a web browser – and you’ll never need to buy Office ever again. Forget all that functionality you never use or need (If I want to publish a word document as HTML I’ll use an HTML editor, thanks), being able to instantly back up everything you produce and access it from any machine is a far more compelling notion.

Besides, the reviews of Vista are so poor that it’s beyond a joke. On top of that, I see there are new file formats and I’ve had a couple of documents sent to me that I can’t open with the previous edition of Word. Didn’t Microsoft learn that customers hate that already? Yes, yes they did. Those two things combined with Google turning up the heat might just make it easier for customers to make that giant leap of faith and do away with MS Office altogether. From there it’s a small step to asking why you need Vista at all and from there… well, it’s all over red rover.