Ten views in 30 minutes

April 23, 2008

If I get another ten views today (which of course ends at lunchtime… darn you terminator, darn your very eyes) it’ll be a 200 viewer day! That’s four times over my usual traffic and I’m already at my all-time high of 190 viewers (previous best score, about 145).

Can we do it? Probably not, but it’s nice to have visitors. Feel free to click around a bit.

The old stand-by of searches for “lolcatz” and “funny otters” still hits the top of the search list every day. What a wacky crazy lot we are.

You can watch the whole clip but I’m really after the first few minutes… the teacher explaining what the kids will be doing.

I remember school being like this. No context equals no understanding. It was incredibly frustrating and really quite annoying.

Still, what I’m REALLY after is another four views so I have the 5,000 reads and then I can retire to the South of France (or similar).


Of course, the sex education itself is too funny for words. We cut up rats as I recall. Not entirely sure what that had to do with much of anything really (sex is as good as a dead rat) but there you go. We got there in the end.

On the other hand, if I really wanted to up the traffic numbers, I’d simply include a bunch of tags relating to lolcatz and funny otters. Sigh.


April 4, 2008

is perhaps the funniest word in the English language.

A junior TV reporter once asked then PM David Lange if she could have “a quick word” and he said “Wombat,” which is not bad for a lawyer turned MP.

My current wombat favourite however is this fellow… not so much for what he said as for the charge brought by the police.

And I quote:

“The 48-year-old was convicted on a charge of using a phone for a fictitious purpose.”

That’s right, it’s illegal to use a phone for fictitious purposes! I’m in PR and I never knew that! OMG!

Does it extend to email I wonder? If it does, my entire profession could be in big trouble.

I wonder if wombats are as funny as otters?

And the winner is…

April 2, 2008

For the past few months I’ve been monitoring what posts bring in the most traffic and I’m now prepared to share with the world.

It’s anything to do with Lolcatz.

That’s right, nothing to do with my witty views on road management, or my humble thinkings on television, the media, the problems with journalism in New Zealand or anything remotely useful, it’s this post.

I find that oddly reassuring and I’m not sure why…


(yes, this is a lame attempt to drive yet more traffic. I for one welcome our traffic hogging overlords)

OK, time for one more post

November 12, 2007

My love of the lolcatz knows no bounds so here it is, the Lolcatz version of this site. Enjoy!

(my favourite: the beer in the butt chicken entry).

Is it me or is it her?

October 24, 2007

My wife does not find Lolcatz funny. No no, not even a little bit.

But seriously, how can you not snort milk out of your nose when you get a picture like this? OK, it’s not a cat but otters are by far the coolest creatures on the planet. Discuss!

Funny picture - Who maked my water go hard?