Pattern recognition

June 20, 2008

I like patterns. I love spotting patterns in things I hadn’t previously spied before.

That’s not to say I can do those 3D pictures where you stare at blotchy pages and end up saying “It’s a man, on a horse, holding a dalmatian on a leash” because I can’t. But that’s not important right now.

Instead, I’m talking about my blog. It turns out, as I’ve said before, that despite all my best efforts there’s one post that brings in the punters more than any other. Ten times more than any other post. That’s right, it’s the funny otter.

And so with pure blog post greed in mind I bring you an ad for Minnesota Zoo.




April 4, 2008

is perhaps the funniest word in the English language.

A junior TV reporter once asked then PM David Lange if she could have “a quick word” and he said “Wombat,” which is not bad for a lawyer turned MP.

My current wombat favourite however is this fellow… not so much for what he said as for the charge brought by the police.

And I quote:

“The 48-year-old was convicted on a charge of using a phone for a fictitious purpose.”

That’s right, it’s illegal to use a phone for fictitious purposes! I’m in PR and I never knew that! OMG!

Does it extend to email I wonder? If it does, my entire profession could be in big trouble.

I wonder if wombats are as funny as otters?