And the winner is…

April 2, 2008

For the past few months I’ve been monitoring what posts bring in the most traffic and I’m now prepared to share with the world.

It’s anything to do with Lolcatz.

That’s right, nothing to do with my witty views on road management, or my humble thinkings on television, the media, the problems with journalism in New Zealand or anything remotely useful, it’s this post.

I find that oddly reassuring and I’m not sure why…


(yes, this is a lame attempt to drive yet more traffic. I for one welcome our traffic hogging overlords)


So Matt East beat me to 100 views. He even beat me to 300, but it was much closer.

But will he beat me to 1000? I think NOT baby puppy. No no, Matt’s blog has only one drawcard (mind you, it is a good one) and that’s David Diprose having his moustache shaved off.

Still, hat’s off to Matt. He clearly knows his audience and if a picture’s worth a thousand words, a YouTube video clip is clearly worth 300 views.

And to prove it, here’s David becoming Shaun.