although if it were I’d give it five stars, phasers set to kill, warp drive overload etc…. boffo a good one.

Instead, I’d like to review the ad I saw at the theatre.

This one.

Cadbury, I think your ad department is imbibing something stronger than cocoa beans. I like it, but just watch them…

More interestingly, I’m stunned boring old Cadbury (remember their last lot of ads?) actually has the stomach to approve these ads. Well done indeed.

As for Village cinemas in Auckland, at St Luke’s mall to be precise, can I just say encouraging customers to pre-book is a good thing: making them stand in line for ages while one pimply-faced youth processes their transactions while a dozen zit-fests work on the paltry few who DIDN’T pre-book is stupid, pointless and dare I say it, illogical.


Disney: one hit wonder?

April 21, 2009

I have nearly all the Disney films (well, the ones they’ve deemed acceptable to release, and no I’m not talking about the six hundred remakes masquerading as sequels, I’m looking at you Lion King II, III, IV, V, VI, VII (not VIII), IX and X).

However I’ve always been struck by, well, the similarities.. Baloo is a knock off of Little John and so on. Sure, the voices are double ups, but some of the scenes seemed altogether too… familiar.

Apparently, I’m not alone.

And I can’t embed it. What is with that? So, link here to Disney made one movie.

It’s actually quite hard in places to identify which movie the clip is from because it could be from just about any!

On the one hand you’ve got to congratulate them for making the most out of their resources (some say “sweating the assets” but I like to think of the buffalo herds when I consider making the most of what’s available) but on the other… this seems quite extreme.

I remember reading about the early Star Trek films and how they reused the same chunks of footage over and over. Oh how proud they were of their cleverness, oh how tired and dull some of the scenes looked.

But do they want a shrubbery?

November 24, 2008

Very silly indeed.

hat tip: Wil Wheaton

EDIT: This Just In (hat tip BisonBalls):

The Big Yin

OK. I’ll go watch it.

November 16, 2008

It might be gone by the time you see this but for now, this is the bootleg of the trailer for Star Trek 90210. I’d see it just for Scotty, but I’ll definitely see it for Uhura, Bones and Spock. Kirk is, as ever, over the top. But then, that’s Kirk I suppose. Scotty sounds Glaswegian, like he’s going to nut someone. I really like that.

EDIT: HD version of the trailer here in about ten hours.