Yeah nah

April 7, 2008

I need that on a t-shirt I think. Yeah, nah. It’s a Kiwi thing (or is it?) and I love it. I use it whenever I can. I have no idea what it means.

I’ve got a lot of ideas for t-shirts and given the lousy state of the t-shirt market I should probably do something about it, but I have a bad case of the CBAs (can’t be arsed).

I went looking for “The Angels have the phone box” because, well why wouldn’t you? But I couldn’t find a decent t-shirt without a goofy graphic to go with it. Same goes for “shiny” or “I’ll be in my bunk” or any of the other half dozen t-shirts I’d like.

I also didn’t win the big lotto draw this weekend so there’s little/no chance of me engaging in my favourite game of “I know I’m rich because I can buy any t-shirt I like” and hitting the world up for an “old school” t-shirt, a Handy Towels’ t-shirt (“thick strong and thirsty”) and anything else that springs to mind.

There’s a chap here in the office who has the best collection of t-shirts I’ve ever seen but I haven’t approached him yet about his supplier. He’s like some kind of guru of t-shirts and I’m but an acolyte so I’ll have to work my way up the food chain before making my move.

I think he gets them from this site which is my new homepage. Sorry, honey, the kids will have to go without shoes this year.

T-shirts I want:

Yeah, nah

oma rapiti

I’m gonna tell on you (and on the back, Tell Tell Tell) (thanks to youngest daughter for that one)

The angels have the phone box (of course)

Can’t be arsed (well, I can’t)

CLM (and on the back or somewhere else, Career Limiting Move)

there are others but I’m too slack to be bothered writing them down so they drift in and out of my brain.

And then there’s this video (courtesy Karen in Melbourne) which should have its own TV show, let alone t-shirt. Enjoy.

Two of my favourite sites

November 2, 2007

First up, there’s Questionable Content and it’s on my list for two reasons. First, I like following the storyline and secondly, I’m well impressed with someone who throws it all in and decides to make a fist of it by doing what he wants to do which is be a cartoonist and by putting it all online. More power to you J Jacques.

Then there’s XKCD which is a legend and rightly so. XKCD is beginning to influence the real world (read through the blag for more info on Wet Riffs (NSFW by the way) and of course the Stallman issue and The Meet Up but it’s the roller coaster chess ride that really did it for me.

That and, of course, in a previous life I emailed creator Randall Munroe and asked if we could run his cartoon each week in Computerworld New Zealand and he said yes. I promised to buy a t-shirt when I was rich enough and I’m sorry Randall, I lied. I bought this one from Questionable Content instead. Sorry. OK so that didn’t work – it’s the Teh t-shirt. Nice. Randall, I’ll be back soon for a science one. Sorry, sorry.