I hate TV ads

July 28, 2009

I really do. They get in the way, they’re usually too stupid for words (Auckland Glass will never see a dollar of mine. Never) and they get muted the minute they appear.

And yet, a good TV ad is really good. The UK has some of the best, and I’ve chucked a bunch of good ones in here (bunnies!).

This irks me. How can I find ads that I actually enjoy? Is it just the comparison with crap ads that makes them enjoyable? I even like the Fold ad that Vodafone produced:

(we’ll claim it as a local ad even though it was thought up by a couple of Poms and filmed in Australia. It’s as Kiwi as I am) and the bit I really like is that the whole thing hinges on the actor’s ability to do sleight of hand and so drop the things he folded without making it obvious he was doing that. Brilliant – without him, the ad would suck.

Fair Go did a piece on the making of the Fold ad which you can watch here.

I don’t know what Spike sells but I do like these ads.




August 8, 2008

So the culmination of Phase Two of my social media strategy at work has come to fruition: the launch of our own discussion forum.

And within 12 hours of launching it on the quiet, hoping for an ease into it, we’ve been outed and suddenly the visitors are pouring in.

As I write this we’ve got over 450 people looking at the site and 75 registered users. With no effort whatsoever.

Hopefully it’ll become a place where customers can get technical advice to make better use of their service and I’ll stick around to make sure we don’t have the slanging matches that go on in other forums (fora?).

All told, it’s quite exciting, in a geeky way.

Nother new ad

July 15, 2008

This one I had to post. No, really.

Actually, I like it too. Although it is a New Zealand ad and the Aussie voice over is… well, Australian. Ours is much better.

And of course it won’t let me embed so you have to click through.

Got to love that music.

And to prove it, here’s Charlie himself.