Windows 7

May 22, 2009

Wammo tells me he’s installed the pre-release version of Windows 7 and it’s like being born again. His computer (get this) actually does what he wants it to do! ZOMG! Revolutionary.

I’m reminded of my old boss at IDG Communications, Pat McGovern, and a story he tells of the first time he saw Steve Jobs demonstrate the Mac OS.

Steve had invited Pat and some other assorted luminaries to check out his new product and was, the way Pat tells it, quite anxious that they be impressed. He ran them through the demo, showed off the “mouse” and the “graphical user interface” and some other bits and pieces and stood back.

“Well, Pat. What do you think?”

Pat McGovern, for those that don’t know him, is well over six foot tall and has been kicking around the IT publishing industry since before there was an IT publishing industry. He set up IDC Research to monitor this growing market but couldn’t find any publication that wanted to take his research. So he founded IDG Communications and set up Computerworld and the rest is history. Pat was a big cheese and if you could get Pat on side, you were made.

“What do you think?” asked Steve, with (I like to think) a tremor in his voice.

Pat stood up, looked around the room at the assembled journos and said, “If this catches on, we’re all out of a job. It just works”. Thankfully, it never did, and so countless millions of pages of reviews, tips, tricks, support and help were able to be written and re-hashed over and over …

Windows 7 is best summed up, however, by XKCD and if I can make it fit, the comic is below. You should, however, go visit XKCD and look at all the comics and let your mouse hover over each one as there’s a secret message for those In The Know.

It’s mostly a fail until such time as I can move the post down below my sidebar. Hmmm. Any WordPress gurus who know what they’re doing out there?


Every Friday morning, Wammo and I have a good chat about technology. Somehow I always manage to get Doctor Who in there and generally we talk turkey on things like field programmable gate arrays and wave division multiplexing. Well, as much as you can on commercial radio (which is quite a lot!).

Today we talked about knitting. Yes, knitting. What’s it to you? Come over here and say that!

And so, to the link fest… There sure are a lot of homespun crafty types out there on the tubes and they all have blogs and sites and forums (fora?) galore. No editorial endorsements or anything like that, just a load o’ links. (OK, maybe just a touch of editorialising. I can’t help myself)

Craftzine has forums, projects, plans, a link to a magazine, you name it.

The Black Apple wins points for its slightly macabre site. Think Suicide Girls for the crochet set.

Something’s Hiding in Here wins for the best name.

Kitty Genius loses points for reinforcing the “people who stay in and crochet love cats” meme, but wins points for having a bloke with a beard on the front page.

Poppy Talk has stuff my daughters would probably like.

Design Sponge looks eerily like Poppy Talk (both Blogspot themes perhaps).

Felt is quite cool and I like its catchy tag line: “Felt, like something different”. Nice.

Pink Paper Pinafore has a nice tiki.

Etsy is the Trade Me of the craft world by the look of it (and has stuff for Father’s Day which I would browse should I have the time).

Toggle has bags made out of old billboards… Do me one that can take a laptop and I’m there, I’m so there. And isn’t ‘toggle’ just a lovely word.

South Seas Knitting could tell a woolly yarn or two I warrant. Swab that swarthy sea dog, you … swarthy … sea dog.

And finally, Slip Slip Knit does a good line in yarn-related puns, but also shows how to fix a wool break in pictures, which is nice.