Today is my birfday

November 1, 2007

and I am THIRTY NINE years old.

OMG. Where did the time go?

Still, it’s better to turn 39 than not to, I suppose.

For my birthday I got a book, some clothes, a CD, a hand-launched rocket (y’know, with a rubber band) a fridge magnet body that lets you stick on the pancreas and bones and a brain with two googly eyes, cufflinks and a kazoo. It is choice.

Plus I get to go the zoo later with my daughter and her friend and my wife’s icing an enormous cake. Also, dinner out at a Thai restaurant on Dominion Road called Tusk which is great and which the girls love (they both visited when they were babies and were immediately whisked away by the staff to visit the kitchen. That’s well cool).

Birthdays are good.

PS – of course today isn’t my birthday. It’s tomorrow because I’ve stuffed up the time zones on my blog so instead of it being the 2th like it is, it’s the 1th. Oh well. Tomorrow I’m getting a kazoo. Yay!


Is it me or is it her?

October 24, 2007

My wife does not find Lolcatz funny. No no, not even a little bit.

But seriously, how can you not snort milk out of your nose when you get a picture like this? OK, it’s not a cat but otters are by far the coolest creatures on the planet. Discuss!

Funny picture - Who maked my water go hard?