April 22, 2009

A new Yale study shows wine drinkers suffering from Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma are much less likely to die or relapse than their teetotaller counterparts.

Stories like that are quite welcome. Wine shields against cancer.

It seems like a dog’s age since I wrote ‘Usually Fatal‘ for Russell ‘Public Address‘ Brown, and that would be because it is. Three years.

I’m getting old. Must be the wine.

PS – Yale University was founded by a grant from the Yale family who are from North Wales. Elihu is buried in St Giles church in Wrexham where I grew up, although I have no memory of St Giles church at all. Shame really.

The Hippo…

June 18, 2008

Someone found this blog by searching for “old hippodrome on henblas street” so welcome, whoever you are.

Not sure what state the theatre’s in at the moment but I found Arthur’s blog with some photos and a bit of history.

I remember that part of town quite well, now I’ve thought about it a bit. There were two huge indoor markets in the area that I remember my grandma taking me to. One of her buddies worked in one of them on some stall or other and I recall spending many a lazy morning looking around the place waiting while they chatted on.

To a small boy the halls were big enough to be the biggest rooms I’d ever been in. Easily larger than a school hall, tall and airy with birds flying around and (might not be right here) beautiful plaster work around the edges (what is that, fret work? what do you call it on interiors of buildings?).

I believe they were torn down years ago but maybe someone can enlighten me.

I hope they do something with the Hippodrome. It was great fun.

Firefighters are damping down at the scene of a fire in a disused cinema in the centre of Wrexham.

North Wales Fire and Rescue Service were called to the Old Hippodrome on Henblas Street at 13.09 BST.

My brother and I used to go to the Hippo to see the kids’ Saturday morning show in the 1970s. Some cartoons, an old serial and some dodgy Children’s Film movie with a moral imperative. Nice.

We also saw Star Wars in 1977. We drank Kia Ora orange juice, ate white milk chocolate teddy bears (I know this because Brother ate all his before we even got in to the movie) and boo’d the bad guys and cheered the good guys. It was awesome.